Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So Sorry.....

Good Evening everyone...I hope you all had a great day. Me, I had a great day today. Do any of you ever have a day where you talk on the phone longer than you should have? Well that was mine, and a friend popped over this afternoon with some cheques for me to sign for our school committee. It was just a great day. Kaitlyn and I went down stairs and made cards while my boys were skiing and snowboarding. Tonight, it turned to something sad though. I really hurt my son's feelings...I told him I would do something with him and then got too caught up in my meeting to come home in time to do it. I feel incredibly bad, so I went down stairs to make him a card. This is what I came up with. I hope he can accept my apology. It doesn't feel very nice when you know as a parent you were in the wrong and I could have controlled what time I left. The meetings will now be far in between and very few for I have resigned my position and look forward to some down time.

Even with a ruler I still could not draw a straight line or peirce one in the paper...LOL! Prior to make my *sorry* card, I was making 2 other cards that I hope will be posted early tomorrow night or well not as late. Last day of school this week yahooooooo!

Till tomorrow....keep smiling!

Quote tonight is: If you want to be happy.....be!

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  1. I like your card. I'am sure he will forgive you. Just needs a few hugs.