Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good Morning!!! :)

Good Morning is going to be a great day I can just feel it. To start off with my son loved my card and accepted my apology, with grace. It was nice. My mom and I are going to go shopping in Edmonton. I hope to find some craft stuff, but I really want to find a picture frame for an picture I bought when we were in Mexico last year. I will tell you what I find today shopping. It is just one little thing to get done with the many I have to do. I would love to start decorating my house. I will be posting at least 2 cards on here today and maybe more. My kids will be off of school for the next 2 days. What a treat that will be. Wishing you all a wonderful morning and afternoon...happy crafting.

Till later...keep smiling.

Quote for this morning:

If you can imagine it you can create it,
If you can dream it, you can become it.
-William Ward-

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  1. It was a great DAY shopping. OH how tried I am. Lv ya.