Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crafting With The Girls!

Today, was another fanastic day. I got to hold my friends little boy, he is just the cutest ( made the plaque for him last night). I went crafting at the church, where there was 10 of us. We were all doing our own thing. Tonight, I went out with another set of three friends, for supper. The resturant was really nice, I had never been there before. I sure was blessed to have a very nice day, with most of it too myself, my family had there supper made by me before I left, so that was my only real parenting job today. I have a terrific husband.

The craft I chose to work on today was my afghan. I am ready to start another cream strip. I won't put it on here until I have more done. It was a wonderful relaxing day, with tons of laughter with friends...the more I laugh the more I wanted to stay and craft. I always look forward to crafting with others, it brings me great joy and peace.

The weather on the other hand I hope improves soon. I just got home and the wind is really bad. May tomorrow will be a little nicer.

Till tomorrow....

Father and Son Time...

Wow, I sure can't believe what time it sure ran away with me again...LOL! Tonight I was lucky enough to have my son Robin and my daughter Kaitlyn come downstairs and help me create. It took me a little longer to get my cards done, but it sure was fun. I put a picture of their creations on here too. They are very proud of them and so am I. Tonight I did a plaque for my friends new baby boy! I wanted to make it so it wasn't to baby'ish that way it could stay up in his room for a while. I tried to use 3 different car and truck stamps for this, but do to the dip in the middle I couldn't get the whole print on, so this one was next in line and worked perfect. The second plaque that I made was out at my friend Lori's house, last year. I loved these, they were awesome idea's. This plaque was embossed (flowers).

Cards...too tonight! Too many idea's in my head, I needed to get at least one on paper. I do think the daubing would have been better with Pacific Breeze or Blue...or darn I guess I am just to tired, anyway better than Bashful blue, but that is all I have right now. I love the butterfly. I figured I should use my cuttle bug on something, and this beautiful stamp came to mind.

Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day. I am crafting with some friends from around 10-5 (or whenever I can drag myself out of bed) and then a night out with some other friends. I hope to post something that I work on tomorrow. It might be a repeat of one of my crafts, with hopefully more completed on it.

Thanks, mom for a wonderful day again. I really enjoy being able to see you this winter. Hugs!

Happy Crafting...may you be inspired tomorrow with tons of laughter.

Quote: Life gives us many reason to laugh.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Relaxing, With A Crochet Hook.

The weather today was crazy, it was snowing and then it was raining like it was April...go figure it is January...LOL! It wasn't cold, just wet and actually +4. So while I waited for my little guy to come, I cleaned and read What's AGE Got To Do With It? I had a super day with him, although it was very short. My hubby decided to work from home this afternoon. That is completely new for me, but it was wonderful. We actually had lunch together at home. It was nice to chat with him and catch up.

With not much sleep last night I needed a mindless craft to do today. The V-stitch pattern is what was calling my name, very mindless and relaxing. You work the pattern from Left to right, no sewing any strips together. I have been working on this afghan for a while, but it is now just over half done. I hope to be done it soon. Today, I did 10 rows, but had to rip 2 out and due them mindless, I forgot to put one stitch in..LOL! I guess, I can't always be a muti tasker when talking...*wink*. This blanket is a chocolate chip brown and cream. This particular afghan is going to my brother and sister-in-law. I hope they love it as much as I enjoy doing it. Hoping you all had a wonderful evening, filled with crafting or laughing...till tomorrow. Thanks for stopping in.

Today's Quote:

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall. Confucius

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tin Crazy.....

What can I say...TODAY WAS GREAT!! The weather wasn't great for a while, but mom and I still managed to shop. We went to a couple of craft stores and Walmart.

I found these cool little tins at our first store. They are big enough for gift cards, small cards, even some little candies. You could probably even sent them in the mail, with very little cost. They were perfect and didn't take very long to make. I found the idea's came very easy for me tonight and I was able to use some of my stuff I hadn't touched yet. I also found a little gadget that is called a Rub-On Roller. LOVE IT!! It made it easier. I didn't have to press hard, so no denting my tins. It has two sides that can be used. Tin's are just a wonderful gift idea for any occassion.

I love to use any kind of watch out...LOL!

Tin #1

A Perfect Day Rub-Ons, 1/4" Bravo Burgandy Ribbon (both SU products).
Rub-on Roller.

Tin #2

Green Microbeads, Sticky Cut Letters and 1/4" Black Ribbon (all SU products)

Tin #3
Hidden Garden Rub-ons, Mini glue dots (both SU products).
Cinnamon Stickles, Chocolate Chip Ribbon, Rub-on Roller.
I hope that this post turns out okay. Mastering how to post with the pictures sometimes still gives me some problems.
Well, off to bed before I turn into a pumpkin or just a grouch...*wink*. Good night, till tomorrow...
I will leave you once again with my quote today.
Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do-John Wooden

A Shopping I Will Go!

Good morning! It has been an interesting one with the weather. It is currently -1, but it is starting to snow and the wind is starting to pick up. It rained at 6:00 am. Today, I am going shopping with my mom. It was to be a grand day of shopping in Edmonton, but by the sounds of it the roads are not very good...LOL! Guess I am not meant to spend some money...*wink*. We are hoping to make it to a crafting store in Leduc. It is called Why Box When You Can SCRAP!! There are only two crafting stores there. I was hoping to stop at Micheals and buy some picture frames for some of my pictures (they had frames on for 55% off)...what a steale of a deal. Oh, well...LOL...if we don't get to go at all we can always craft here. Either way I would like to put a card on that I have been thinking about making since Saturday. Sorry, there was no post yesterday, I was in a mood, so my crafting suffered, not today though...LOL!

Today's Quote:

Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do!

John Wooden

This quote suit's me today and I intend to follow it. Have an amazing morning and afternoon. I will be posting a craft tonight. I am going to get started while waiting for my mom. Later....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Great Day....

Today, was another great day for me. My phone was busy, the little boy I look after was cute as could be. I managed however to check out some fanastic blogs. I want to send a congratulations out to Creating with Chrissy on reaching her 80,000 hits. I only hope that I can be so lucky. Chrissy is giving away blog candy so if you get a chance go check out her blog, she has some amazing cards.

Onward to crafting. When my little man went down for a nap, I had card idea's floating around my head, but thought I should show you another one of my hobbies. Besides if I show you my cross stitch I might get it done...LOL. I have been working on it for a while now, and need some encouragement to get it done. My goal is to have it done for Christmas, that way I can get it framed and on my wall. So... bug me to show you up- dates. This cross stitch is from the Gold Collection Series called the Eyes in the Wild. My favorite animal is a tiger and I have more cross stitches to due. I think any kind of cat is beautiful.

Cross stitch I find is relaxing. I love it but don't always make the time. I always find they are way more beautiful, than the picture on the kit or in the book. I love sitting in my front room, cross stitching with my friends or by myself. I find if I am watching TV, and working with my hands that I don't snack and it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something, while sitting down.

I was talking with my sister-in-law Jodi today and I have decided, I will try to put a quote on my blog each day. I hope it will brighten someones day.

My kids are now in bed, so I must go finish up my house work and start cross stitching again as I watch The Last Templar. I look forward to posting tomorrow. Have an amazing night. Thanks for stopping in! :)

Great Day Yesterday!

Good morning! I am so sorry, that I didn't post anything yesterday. I had an exciting day. My brother and kids came as well as my parents. My parents usually are in Yuma, Arizona right now, but due to my mom being sick, they had to stay home. So for the first time in 12 years we had a family dinner in January. It was a really exciting day filled with tons of love and laughter. We played games, fixed things in the house, oh, took down my christmas tree and my mom and I looked at some of my new stamps. As a bonus, my mom Bonnie, gave me a special treat and spoiled me. I received some new stamping items and they are very cool (early birthday she said...LOL). Thanks mom I love everything. So, I will post whatever I am working on today for you to see. I hope that you had an amazing Sunday too!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Perfect Ending...

Today, was a day of getting things done. I accomplished quite a bit today in my house (where it was warm), but I still have tons to do. I gave up on that and decided a creation needed to be made. My inspiration for this card is my uncle who was just moved into Hospice care.

After supper, we were watching the All Stars Skills event on T.V. it was fun and all...but a card idea was calling so I started drawing what I wanted to do. Then the paper was calling my name so I escaped downstairs to my craft room and started know I had to set the mood...candles, inspiring music and of course a can of Coca Cola. I was set and ready to create.

My uncle used to drive truck and he loves them, so I thought I would make him one. I order some stamps from the Little Paper Shop and this was one of them I received this week. When I stamped it I just knew this card was going to come together. I love the truck instantly. Tonight, my stamping braught me peacefulness, joy and relaxation. I know I can take pride, that my uncle will love this card. I had more idea's flowing, but I was getting tired, so I figured I should stop before the mistakes started happening. Tomorrow is another day, I hope to create more. Wishing everyone a night a peacefulness.

Stamps: Truck- Little Paper Shop, Sentiment - Cloud9 Designs

Paper: Old Olive, Chocolate Chip, So Saffron and DSP (Windsor Knot) (SU)

Ink: Chocolate Chip and Old Olive. (SU)

Markers: So Saffron, More Mustard, Going Gray and Sahara Sand (SU)

Ribbon: Chocolate Chip (SU)

Brads: Unknown brown

Friday, January 23, 2009

Peaceful Grazing....

Okay, I got over my pity party about my idea's not appearing on the paper the way I wanted. After a good night sleep I saw my cards in a different light. They are unique...truly...LOL! I really like this card and retract anything I said last night...during my tired and frozen state.

My kids really liked this card. I used Stickles (Diamond). This is the first time I used this product and I just loved it. It really helped add the extra to my card that I was looking for. Another great thing about it, is it was easy to use for a person who was tired and frustrated.

The horse stamp I used is a retired SU stamp called Bareback. I love the detail on this stamp and find that it is suitable for anyone. The paper and ink I used were SU the colors are Bravo Burgandy for the base of the card, Handsome Hunter and Whisper White.

Right now it is -33 with a wind chill and I am enjoying a cup of Mint Green tea! It is warming my also has me thinking of more card idea's. I hope to post another one tomorrow, but I might post one of my other works in progress. Stay warm....till tomorrow.

Good Morning!!! :)

Good morning! I wanted to wish everyone a great morning. I am currently getting my kids ready for school. They are excited it is P.J. day at school. It is a another blustery day here -24 with a -35 windchill. This makes me want to stay in doors with candles lite, music playing and do some kind of crafting. Either way, I will be posting some kind of craft that I am doing for you to see.
See you in a bit.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Card Was Wonderful in My Head But.....

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a great night. I sure did! I crafted for the first time on my new desk and boy did I make a huge mess! It was WONDERFUL :). Now, it is up to me to clean it up, but that will be tomorrow after I create some more...LOL!

On to my card. All day today, I was telling everyone, I had this amazing idea for a card and I was putting it to paper tonight, I did.

Does anyone ever have an idea, that is amazing in your head but doesn't turn out just the way you thought it would, well it was this card and the other one I was working on for me. Horse card #2 the glue is drying and I will put it on here against my better judgement, maybe someone will like it. I am unsure if this card needed ribbon, it just seems like it is missing something. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I had a black eye on the horse, so I thought I haven't used my cyrstal effects yet, let's try it just made the horse look scary...LOL.
Off too bed I go...thanks for everyone who has stopped by to see my blog, I appreciate it. A special thanks goes out to Lori for all of her help today with my blog. Your helped meant more than you know. Thank You:) Till tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Night of Creations

Good morning, I am having fun trying to make changes and up-date my blog. For the first time, I tried to take my pictures off my camera. What can I say about that....I need HELP!!!! :) LOL. I am very sure I did everything the long, long way....LOL.

The cards that I am going to show you, I made on January 16 with my good friend Lori. It was a wonderful night of creating and laughing. One of the best kinds.

This cards was the last set I made on Friday night. I used the Lovely as a Tree (SU) stamp and the Thinking of you was a Verve stamp. The paper was black, Riding Hood Red and in the ink was the same (SU).

I thought that I would try the side view or flat view...don't think it worked well, but it was something new.

Thank you card is made with Stampin' Up product, only one exception and that is the Martha Stewart Pearls. I think they added just a little bit of something to make my plain card pop. This was not the vision that I saw in my head, but it sure came around. Sorry, it is blurry it looked better on my camera.

Well, this card gave me a little bit of grief. I started out with the middle of the card. I had the colors I wanted, but really it was the flowers on my squares and the first layer that were giving me trouble. When it did come together...well it is one of my favorites. Swiss Dots for cuddlebug was used. Stampin' Up paper, ink and ribbon. The stamps were Verve and the pearls were once again Martha Stewart.

Cupcakes, are soooo cute!! This was my first time, making a cupcake card and I want to do more. My kids favorite card is this one. Next time, I would add a layer of white punched paper under the designer paper, just to make it pop. The paper and ink are Stampin' Up. The cupcake stamp is from Verve. The punch is one of Martha Stewarts.
Wishing you all a fun day of laughter with family and friends. I just received my new stamps, and hope to make some more cards tonight. Right now my other passion is calling work...LOL! :) Until later have a great day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas Fun

Hi, yahooooooo! It worked. Above is a candle that I worked on in my card club in November. I love how easy they are. They make a perfect gift.
To the left is a mini barrel jar. I was waiting to have my party-lite party, so I decided to pick up my Stampin' Up rub-ons and try them on this glass jar. It was a hit at the party (I sold my first crafted was a wonderful feeling). They became another great and inexpensive gift for my family and friends. I will try to post the cards I just made this last weekend. Thank goodness, something worked tonight.

My First Time....

Here we go! I guess there has to be a first time for everything and well...this is it. I am unsure how everything works for a please bare with me. Starting a blog is a way for me to share my passion of crafting with you.

If you could see me now you would probably laugh until you cried. I am having trouble loading my pictures. I am sure that I will figure it out soon...please...LOL. I have tried to down load one tonight and am having problems...what do they say the 3rd times the charm. I hope so.

Well, on this note, it is my computer being stubborn and not just me...LOL. It won't open my pictures up now. Maybe tomorrow will offer me better luck.