Monday, February 23, 2009

Drawing with my Sister-in-law

Good Morning...I hope you all had a great weekend. On Saturday night, my sister-in-law, pulled out her drawing pencils...she was in the mood to create. I asked her to teach me another technique for drawing eye's. Well it started as one thing and continued into this silly and kind of scary man. Yes, it all came out of my head...I didn't look at anyones picture. I used to love to draw...I am not exceptional at it like quite a few people I am close too, but it is fun to draw. At the end I laughed at my big nosed and lipped man....another McJaggar or something...LOL. My kids helped me with there advice. All in all I had a super time, trying something new. We were thinking some new supplies were in help us become artist. I am an artist wanna be I sister-in-law an artist.

I enjoyed crafting with her and my kids. It isn't something I get to do very often with her, but I love it...she is so relaxed and peaceful to be around when she is creating.

Till tomorrow keep smiling and creating.

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  1. Thats a start. I am glad you all had fun. Keep working on it buuuut what about the Tiger??????. Lv & Hugs