Monday, March 23, 2009

Card Night with Robin

Wow! What a great evening. My son Robin asked for use of his coupon (1 hour of crafting with mom alone and the use of the cuttlebug).

Robin did a couple of things to start, but was frustrated because he didn't know what he wanted to do. So we decided to make his birthday invitations. We were well on our way for a great time of creating. The first card on here is is birthday invitations that he made. I helped color the bird, but he rest was all him. I am so proud of him.
The second card on this post is done by me. I did this while Robin was figuring out what he would like to make. This card is made up of all of the paper that I cut up at the retreat and never used. It was fun to make, but I would change a few things next time. I would leave the foe stitching off or only do it around once. Other than that I was happy, that my son inspired me.

Till next time enjoy crafting and being with family and friends. Tell someone you love, how much you care.

Thanks for stopping in.....

This Day.....

Hi everyone!!! I hope that your weekend has treated you well. Once a month my church holds a craft day for the ladies to come and do whatever they would like. It was great to see friends and laugh.

I worked on a Scrapbooking layout. I bought this package at the Bloomin' Inn, it came with everything I need to make these pages and even tells you what you need that is extra to make it, all of the instructions are included. Scrapbooking for me has been on the back burner for a long time. I sometimes struggle with how to layout a page, so this worked perfect for me. It is also a great little project to take somewhere. You don't have to pack a whole lot of stuff.
It was another great day filled with laughter and hugs. What a great way to spend a day! Thanks Lisa for organizing it each month.

I hope you enjoy the layout, I really loved making it. Now I just have to add pictures.
Till next time...keep smiling and tell someone you love that you care.

Trip to the Bloomin Inn Ranch Bed and Breakfast...

Let the fun begin...what are friends for but to take pictures, when you don't want them too. We started with the morning finger....LOL...all ready to go...not...hee hee.

Our vans are packed and ready to go...the Roaming Red Barron's are on the loose...LOL!

Why eat when you can laugh and boy we did at Denny's. My cheeks hurt by the time we left. What a happy bunch.

This was our craft area at the Bloomin' Inn.

Lori, working hard....

Leanne starting her morning and taking pictures on her camera. Her work scrapbooking was amazing.

Jackie scrappin' up a storm...

Let me scrap.....

Nancy she was concentrating so hard...but she still made time to make me laugh.

Melissa....what to do next.....

Six pack laughing and scrapping there hearts out.

Peace after only one drink...LOL

Being sneaky about somethin'....

Does anyone know who this is.....? We were so tired and giggle. Lori made us laugh even harder.

My craft area, still pretty neat.

The Turbin's not far from where we stayed. They are for power and the wind makes them work. Might not be the right word "Turbins"

The six of at the end, not ready to go home. But we were tired and happy and enjoyed everyones company very much. An awesome trip for me. Thanks girls for making it great. Oh, and I have so many more pictures too.....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Follow Your Heart Create...

Good Morning Everyone!!!! This Monday has started off really good. It has taken a little longer to put this card onto my blog. My friends and family are still encouraging me to keep going with my crafting. I will be slow for a little while, but I hope in no time, I will be posting almost every day again.

I started this card at the crafting retreat I went on. I had a vision in my head, and well sometimes it doesn't come to the paper...LOL. I cut alot of card stock for this one. In the end I put all of the other stuff away and decided to keep it simple. Sometimes that is the best. The hardest part was the colors, but in the end, I stepped out of my box and actually like the choice I made.

I bought some new stamps and hope to get too them soon. My week though is going to be crazy busy. I really need to budget my time to fit it all in.

Hope you enjoy the card!

Till next time...remember to tell someone you care for that you love them.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crafting, Friendships and the Bloomin' Inn

As you know there have been no posts for a while. I almost quit crafting and doing what I love, but with the help of my husband, mom, dad and friends, I am back. You will see tons of pictures today.

I went on a crafting retreat with Lori, Leanne, Jackie, Nancy and Melissa. Bloomin' Inn Ranch Bed and Breakfast watch out...:). We headed out in 2 vans which were red and then we met up with Melissa in her red car. Some called us the "Red Barrons", but me I am sticking with the "Red Cardnials"...LOL. What should have been a 4-5 hour drive took us all day. We had a blast stopping at different places and shopping. Eating out was an experience too...laughing was the only option! We arrived at Princher Creek with a snow storm and extremely high winds. That kept some of us up all night. They made me laugh until I cried and were there to support me. We were able to eat, craft, shop, eat, craft, you see a pattern. Some went shopping at the Pantry and Country Store there and some had massages. It was a wonderful way to relax. Most girls did some scrapbooking and cards. Although I found this difficult emotionally, I decided to make some cards and cross stitch on my tiger (cross stitching was also emotional, but I worked my way through it). The only item you won't see is my cross stitch. I want to get a little more done on it before I post it. I should have a card on here soon too. I started working on a card and was well......frustrated with it so put it away.

I can not thank my Husband, Mom, and friends Lori and Leanne for not letting me back out of something that was booked for months and for making me laugh at such a difficult time. What you have done has meant the world to me. The memories made will always be in my heart. Thanks too my other *peeps* that made me laugh too.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to enjoy a visit with my mom, she helped me see the card in a new light, so I hope to have it on here soon. So stay tuned.

Too everyone who looks at my blog, your visits are appreciated more than you know and you have also made me decide to stick with something, I love so much. Please enjoy the cards I designed and made at such a wonderful retreat. I can't wait to go to another one with the girls....

These next set of cards were made from a Martha Stewart card package. All you had to do was stick the tree's etc... to the card and then glitter them. I really loved the glitter colors and still have quite a bit left. For $10.00 it was well worth the cost. It made 8 cards and came with envelopes too. It was a nice set because you didn't have to concentrate too much. I might look at buying the brown glitter and maybe the dark green too.

Till next time...keep smiling :) :)
I hope you enjoyed the cards!