Monday, February 23, 2009

Drawing with my Sister-in-law

Good Morning...I hope you all had a great weekend. On Saturday night, my sister-in-law, pulled out her drawing pencils...she was in the mood to create. I asked her to teach me another technique for drawing eye's. Well it started as one thing and continued into this silly and kind of scary man. Yes, it all came out of my head...I didn't look at anyones picture. I used to love to draw...I am not exceptional at it like quite a few people I am close too, but it is fun to draw. At the end I laughed at my big nosed and lipped man....another McJaggar or something...LOL. My kids helped me with there advice. All in all I had a super time, trying something new. We were thinking some new supplies were in help us become artist. I am an artist wanna be I sister-in-law an artist.

I enjoyed crafting with her and my kids. It isn't something I get to do very often with her, but I love it...she is so relaxed and peaceful to be around when she is creating.

Till tomorrow keep smiling and creating.

Valentines Cards by my Mom

Good Morning everyone, I have been wanting to post the cards my mom made for my family since Wednesday. My kids and I am very proud of the cards she makes for us all year around. Each card was different. My oldest kept his card at school, so he could look at it, that is why there are only three.
My mom is very talented, at everything she does.
I will apologize that the first picture is on it's side, it is not how I took it, but for some reason it went this way. When I look at it in my picture album it is in the right direction. What can I say...guess I am backwards or something...LOL!
Thanks mom for taking the time, to make us each feel special. We are truly blessed to have you! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grandparents Tea

Hi, everyone.....this morning was wonderful. I met my parents at my oldest son's school this morning. We were invited to a Grandparents, friends and family tea. We were treated to a concert by some fasnastic musicians and dancers. It was wonderful. It was a fundraiser, for Unesco. Our goal is to help raise money for Grandparents who are raising there grandkids. Grandkids helping, Grandparents, helping Grandchildren. It is inspiring too see what our students are willing to do to help these families. (Africa)

I have not had the time to complete some of my crafts, but I do hope to soon. My mom gave us each a Valentines card and if I can I would like to post those for you. I am very proud of my mom, she is my hero. She takes the time to make my kids feel good, with all of her letters and cards. They were pumped when they saw them in their lunch kits today.

Wishing you all a most wonderful afternoon.

Till next time keep smiling and tell someone that they what they mean to you.
Thanks for stopping in. Hope to post something exciting soon.

Friday, February 13, 2009

With Sympathy.........

I know that I have not been on for over a week, unforunately, I don't have the excuse that I was too busy. I have been in mourning with my family and have found it very hard to craft anything, little alone create.

This Sympathy card was made for my Aunt, Uncle, cousins, fiance and a precious little boy. My cousin's daughter, Teagan Klein was murdered last Wednesday. It is something we will never be able to make sense of. Teagan was an amazing person, daughter, sister, friend and mother. The light of her life was her little three year old boy. As a family we are having a hard time getting past this tragic event. Teagan will be missed for ever. I know if my cousin Mike and her mom Tari could march up to heaven with all of the tears they have cried they would bring her back home again to hold. May you rest in peace Teagan. On Monday night I made 7 of these cards. I must say that the color combo came from my friend Lori, she made a beautiful sympathy card on her blog. The colors make it a soft card and elegant for a sympathy card. I made a mistake at 1 am, but I was able to change it up and make it look ok.

I used basic black, going grey, basic grey, and whisper white (all paper Stampin' UP-SU)
Basic Black Ribbon (SU) and pewter color brads.
Cuttlebug folder D'vine Swirl.
Stamp set was Close As A Memory (SU)

I hope to get my other 2 cards that were a work in progress finished to post. I want to thank everyone for there patience, for waiting for me to come back to my blog, your support means alot.

Till tomorrow-tell people you love them and keep smiling. :)


We must become the change we want to see.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Helping My Son...

What an awesome mom had me shopping until I dropped. We stopped at Micheals, Staples and IKEA...what more do I need to was fun doing some window shopping. I did manage to get a few new punches for 40% off of each, so that was great. I tried to fame my print, but couldn't find one that fit, so now I am getting quotes on the cost to have it custom framed.

After school I had the other to kids that I look after here. Then supper and a movie with my kids. During the movie, my son Robin decided that he wanted to finish his cross stitch since it was almost done (so the pictures are of his work). We finished it and the back stitching was hard so for the last hour I finished the back stitching and trying to read the chart...LOL. It has been a while. So I am very tired and am unable to get my creative juices going to finish my cards tonight. OH, the idea's I have...too bad my brain is shutting down..LOL! It is fun how much as a mom you have one idea of what you are going to do and your kids have another. Robin, has worked very hard and done a wonderful job on his cross stitch. The other thing that makes me proud is he wants to give this to his Great Grandma Williams. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Till then keep smiling.

Good Morning!!! :)

Good Morning is going to be a great day I can just feel it. To start off with my son loved my card and accepted my apology, with grace. It was nice. My mom and I are going to go shopping in Edmonton. I hope to find some craft stuff, but I really want to find a picture frame for an picture I bought when we were in Mexico last year. I will tell you what I find today shopping. It is just one little thing to get done with the many I have to do. I would love to start decorating my house. I will be posting at least 2 cards on here today and maybe more. My kids will be off of school for the next 2 days. What a treat that will be. Wishing you all a wonderful morning and afternoon...happy crafting.

Till later...keep smiling.

Quote for this morning:

If you can imagine it you can create it,
If you can dream it, you can become it.
-William Ward-

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So Sorry.....

Good Evening everyone...I hope you all had a great day. Me, I had a great day today. Do any of you ever have a day where you talk on the phone longer than you should have? Well that was mine, and a friend popped over this afternoon with some cheques for me to sign for our school committee. It was just a great day. Kaitlyn and I went down stairs and made cards while my boys were skiing and snowboarding. Tonight, it turned to something sad though. I really hurt my son's feelings...I told him I would do something with him and then got too caught up in my meeting to come home in time to do it. I feel incredibly bad, so I went down stairs to make him a card. This is what I came up with. I hope he can accept my apology. It doesn't feel very nice when you know as a parent you were in the wrong and I could have controlled what time I left. The meetings will now be far in between and very few for I have resigned my position and look forward to some down time.

Even with a ruler I still could not draw a straight line or peirce one in the paper...LOL! Prior to make my *sorry* card, I was making 2 other cards that I hope will be posted early tomorrow night or well not as late. Last day of school this week yahooooooo!

Till tomorrow....keep smiling!

Quote tonight is: If you want to be!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oil Painting for the First Time...

Today, was another wonderful day. Ethan came for the day, and I do believe we both enjoyed it (my kids and Ethan sure did enjoy there play time). He is just so cute and full of life...oh to be so young. My hubby was home sick today he slepted most of the day and has been very quiet.

What did I craft on today? WelI actually crocheted on my afghan, but until I am done I didn't want to post it again. However, I did finish another 8 rows. I should be able to post it soon. I will have completed my first project this year. Yipee! So I thought I would show you my very first attempt at oil painting. It is kind of funny looking and not as good as some artist I know like Jodi or Cheryle. I will give you there links another time, as I do not know them off hand. One thing I learned was that I love painting in straight lines, which does not always make it look natural. I hope to do more oil painting and drawing again; between all of my other crafts. On this particular day my sister-in-law (Jodi) and my two sons were painting with me. It was a mighty hot day in the 30's and being as I had never painted before, I found it so relaxing and incredibely fun. I want to thank Jodi for taking the time to show me her talent and teach me something new. I love to draw, but never thought in this life time that I would enjoy painting. Although I always loved water painting with my kids...LOL! Well that is it from me for today...I hope you found sometime to relax and do something you love today. Till tomorrow...keep smiling.


Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. - Albert Einstein.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Smiles, peace and quiet was most of my day! I watched one movie (Click) by myself and the other movie with my kids when they came back from sledding (Are we there yet?). Rob and I went to the park to check on the kids, they had been sledding for 4 hours and what a time they had. While they did that Rob and I did our own thing. Mine was crocheting on my blanket....lucky me, I was able to complete 8 more rows. I am now on another batch of chocolate chip brown. After supper I then went down stairs with my oldest son Tristan, who wanted to make cards with me. We each made two. I could only find 1 of his, but his seond one was really nice too. It was nice to share that time together. MY creation was completed from a drawing I made at the start of the first movie. It turned out okay. I really like the colors. They are a little dark, but I think they matched well. My camera was not co-operating all of my pictures were blurry tonight, so this is all I could put on. Let me know what you think. Wishing you all another fanastic day.

I suffered what I chose to eat last night, so I must say that I was a little lazy, from the pain I was in. I always have to be silly and won't bother me this time...guess does...all of the time...LOL. When will I learn? It sure was a fanastic night though.

When you think there is nothing to smile about, remember there is always someone who has it worse than you! It sure doesn't mean we can't have a pity party sometimes.

Till tomorrow...keep smiling!