Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Helping My Son...

What an awesome mom had me shopping until I dropped. We stopped at Micheals, Staples and IKEA...what more do I need to was fun doing some window shopping. I did manage to get a few new punches for 40% off of each, so that was great. I tried to fame my print, but couldn't find one that fit, so now I am getting quotes on the cost to have it custom framed.

After school I had the other to kids that I look after here. Then supper and a movie with my kids. During the movie, my son Robin decided that he wanted to finish his cross stitch since it was almost done (so the pictures are of his work). We finished it and the back stitching was hard so for the last hour I finished the back stitching and trying to read the chart...LOL. It has been a while. So I am very tired and am unable to get my creative juices going to finish my cards tonight. OH, the idea's I have...too bad my brain is shutting down..LOL! It is fun how much as a mom you have one idea of what you are going to do and your kids have another. Robin, has worked very hard and done a wonderful job on his cross stitch. The other thing that makes me proud is he wants to give this to his Great Grandma Williams. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Till then keep smiling.


  1. The kitty looks great Robin. I am glad mom could help you finish it. If you need a frame I may have one for you. Lv Grand ma Stewart.

  2. what a wonderful gift for Robin's Great Grandma. It looks awesome!!

  3. I love your cross-stitch Robin! When are you going to put up your own site with your drawings and stories. I'd love to see them all!!

    Love Auntie Jodi