Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

I am wishing you all a fun night of "Trick or Treats." This is a change for us. Usually we go with another family member, but tonight we are breaking the mold and letting the kids go with there friends. I think it is going to be a great night. I don't have any pictures yet, but there is a vampire, vampire princess a witch, an elf from Lord of the Rings, and a guy with swords and daggers and one other one. It should be a fanastic night. Here is the up date. I should have some more pictures of cards posted on here for tomorrow. Have super dooper halloween.

Till next time...stay warm and remember to smile. :).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christmas Cards Group #1

Hi everyone,

I am posting the first set of my cards that will go out for christmas this year. I tend to make a lot of different ones. I just love christmas cards.

These three cards were made at a Stamp A Stack 3 different cards, 4 of each. I love each one of them, although I really like everything that Lori makes.

A Big thanks goes out to my MOM for helping me with these. I love you tons. At these class their is always a ton of laughter and great bonding.

Here is wishing you all a great day and a ton of laughter.
Till next time.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'M BACK and with some cards

Hi everyone,

It has been way to long since I have crafted any cards and posted on here. I hope you all had a good summer, back to school and a very good Thanksgiving. For those whose Thanksgiving is coming up next month...I am wishing you a good one too. Unfortunately, crafting has taken a back seat these last few months, but my mom, Lori and Leanne convinced me to come and make cards. What a because of them I am back and ready to create.

I will say sorry right off, because taking these pictures were hard to take...the camera worker....which is me...LOL. Doesn't seem to be able to take a clear picture of three of these cards...LOL. Hoping you can see them and like them as much as I do.

It was my mom's month at her card club.
The scarecrow card was just one of two cards she designed to share with the ladies. I love it. Everyone, colored and dobbed whatever they wanted too. Mom used her peircer and I foe poked with a felt. I would do it with a chocolate chip color next time not a carmel. The other inside was whest with pumpkins.

This card was so cute, Leanne and Kim made this one. What an excellent idea for christmas, easter, halloween, Birthday parties...etc. Very easy to make. I loved it.

Lori made this card and it is beautiful. It is two step stamping and just wonderful. I love the colors and is just a great anytime card.

I would like to thank everyone, I was fortunate to craft with on Sunday. Saturday I was lucky enough to cross this weekend was filled with crafting.

Crafting relaxes me and comforts me and I forgot what it was like so thanks to everyone who has reminded me, that it is good to laugh, love and learn through crafting. Crafters are truly wonderful people.

I have missed you all, but I am back now, so I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with love, laughter and just the joy of being here. Remember to share a smile with someone it just might make there day.

Till next time