Monday, November 2, 2009

A Frightful Sight...!!!!

A Frightful Sight!!!!!
The kids were ready to go...trick or treating. It was a beautiful night no snow or rain and very warm. The kids had a blast going from house to house, oh and the The six of them are very good friends. It was the most relaxing and fun night that I have had in years. What a blast. Hope you all had a fanastic halloween. I will try to get pictures of our pumpkins on right away.

So the next day my girlfriend Lori and I went to the grocery store...and what did we hear.....can you guess? I think it will suprise you. On Nov. 1, we came home with this song in our head...grandma got run over by a rein deer. For 10 mins. of shopping we listen to christmas was a surprise...Halloween did not last long...LOL.
Wishing you a fanastic afternoon. I hope to have pictures of my pumpkins and another set of Christmas cards, that my mom made for me to cheer me up on here by tonight. I get to hand them out (lol...the cards not the Can't wait to show you.
Keep smiling.

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  1. What a great looking bunch of kids. It sounds like you all had fun. BOO!! LoL.