Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Cards Group #2

Hi everyone. I hope you had a good last few days. Mine have been good.

The three cards on this blog my mom made for me. She gave me two of each card. I will be sending them out as christmas cards this year. She is an amazing mom, knowing I was feeling down about not going crafting and well just having one of those days, so she made me these cards to cheer me up. They did. My mom is a very crafty lady and she is my hero.

I am struggling with my camera, it is not taking good pictures lately. I was unable to get a nice picture of my pumpkins, so that is why they didn't make it on here. I look forward too next year. Does anyone have a type of camera that they like...I am looking for a new one. I am open to suggestion...please. I would like a really good one so that I can get my craft items and other things on here faster. Please drop me a line. I would love the help.

To my crafting pals, I hope you are excited for christmas too. I am starting a new cross stitch as a christmas present. Can't wait to post it on here. I really need to hurry though because December is coming in a hurry.

Other crafts I have been working on are my tiger cross stitch and my afghan. Pictures to be posted soon.

Wishing you all a tons of laughter today!!!!!

Thanks for stopping in.

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