Saturday, April 24, 2010

I am Still Here!!

Hello my fellow crafting PEEPS! I just wanted you to know that I am still here and kicking. I have had really bad migranes this week and have not been able to touch my crafting. For that I am sorry. I still have a headache today, but I it isn't as bad as the last few days. I have to go out and do my soccer volunteering today. It is line and field prep. It is very chilly here dropped to below zero last night...brrrrr. Bring back the sun...LOL. Anyway tonight I have to prep my card for my card club, nothing like the last mintue *sigh*. I hope to get that done with a bunch of laundry tonight. I hope to see all of your crafts soon, I am sure you have all been crafting up a storm.

Thanks for stopping in to see me, even though I haven't put anything on this week. Your comments as always are wonderful.

Thank you to Sandy for letting me know that I was the "Cream in their Cup" over at The Play Date Cafe and. Thank you also to all of the girls over at The Playdate Cafe who choose my card for this honor. I truly had a blast with the colors and think I will make more cards with the colors. Thanks for all of the comments they sure made my day a brighter.

I am off to switch laundry and then off to work outside with my pounding head and my super great hubby.

Have a great day and hope to have something on here tonight for you. You are all great and thanks for the support!

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  1. **** HUGS **** I sure hope that headache goes away soon girlie! We have some major craftin to do tomorrow!!! Have fun painting lines and spending time with your hubby and kidlets!