Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Eggtra Special Day!

I hope you all had a super Good Friday! Yesterday, was a busy day for me, my dd had a birthday party and my husband was in super dooper cleaning mode. We cleaned the garage and rearranged our bedroom and completely went through everything and decluttered it. Rob said after 19-20 years why do we still have some of this was a very emotional day for me. My brothers son Cody came and spent the day and then we visited with my brother last night, so no time for a card :((((. On the other hand my room looks fantastic :)))))))).

Today, we spent 3 hours putting up soccer nets and finding out what my job is for this year. I am co-ordinating the painting of the fields and maintence. We then took the kids to see Clash of the Titans, it was good but it was way to scary for my dd, she only saw 1/2 of it, the rest of the time hiding under my jacket. A little shopping and then home to make homemade pizza for supper. Our next project was egg painting. This is one of our favorite activities of easter. Here are our eggs this year. Robin discovered that if he put stickers on his egg and then dyed it, dried it and took the stickers off that it leaves the outline of the stickers, open for painting. Hope you all had fun too if you paint and dye your eggs.

This afghan is my second old craft I am working on to finish. (not sure why it turned the picture on it side here)

It is half finished, I accidently unravelled a whole row, while moving it (opps!). It will fit a Queen's size bed when I am done and hang over the sides. I might have to change the design in my head so it doesn't end up touching the floor. The white, black and burgandy were a present from my very good friend Lori.

It is just about time for the Easter bunny to come, so unfortunately no card for me today, but tomorrow I am taking a break and putting one on here (Even if I have to run away and hide..hee hee). We have decided to relax and not have a big meal tomorrow. My mom is bring Ham Rolls for supper and I am responsible for dessert and salad. You notice dessert comes before salad, now if only I could actually eat my meal that way *sigh*!
Sorry that their has not been a card for the last two days, but thanks for stopping in my mini novel is complete for the night...LOL. Have a very Happy Easter with tons of laughter and love.


  1. Happy Easter to you and the fam too Tamie!

    Your afghan looks fantastic! xoxox

  2. Hey you have a good one, the ghan looks great...very rich warm!! Enjoy your Easter Day!