Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Old Project Finished!!! :)

Hello my crafting *peeps*! Today, I am going to show you a afghan that has taken me far to long to complete...LOL...(dancing around my room, whoppin it up!). I love all kinds of crafts but sometimes get side tracked and work more on some than others. Last year I had a time when I put almost all of my crafts away, but thanks to my husband, mom, dad and my wonderful friends, I pulled them out again and have persued my passion. I have crochet for 15 years and love it. Thanks to my very good friend Lori, who has encouraged me the last few weeks to make cards and to finish my two year project. The colors in this afghan are so warm and homey. They are Chocolate and Cream, and is created by using the V-stitch pattern. It actually works up very quickly. Thanks Lori for kicking me in the hiney.....LOL, I was crocheting with her yesterday and she said go home and finish forget the card, finish your afghan...LOOK Lori I listened...Yahoooooooooo! I hope you like it and that my brother in law and sister in law will like it too! Rick is tall so this blanket fits the top of a Queen size bed.

Here it is.....drum roll please *wink*

Close up...but you still can't see the stitches that good...it is the V-Stitch!
Folded in half on my dining room table

The one little side that has sun verus cloudy...LOL! There are earlier pictures of this blanket back in I think January 2009, when I started my blog. Could be Feb.

It sure feels nice to finish an old project. Highly recommended. There have been no cards since Thursday, due fun birthday parties, celebrating at the Sports Hall of Fame Awards (which my husband is on the board, it was nice we new people being inducted this year), and a stressful Friday that anything that could happen did. I look forward to putting a card on here tonight or tomorrow. I am also pulling out a afghan that is just about 1/2 way done, the yarn was a present for my birthday a couple of years ago from Lori. My goal is to create my cards but to finish some unfinished crafts too! Do you have any unfinished crafts? What are they? Thanks to all who inspire me. Have a really great March 30. Thanks to my mom, Lori and Leanne for my totally fabby birthday cards, I just love them and have them out for everyone to see. You all are amazing.
Have a super wonderful day my friends!


  1. WAHOOOOO! I'm soooo excited for you - and PROUD of you! You finished it! YAY YOU! Looks fantastic and they will love it!


  2. Well my girl, glad you have it done.It looks great,Lv the colors to-gether.They will Lv it.Now on word you move to the next thing.WTG.VERY PROUD OF YOU.

  3. Wow, very nice...glad you finished it, and I am sure they will love it. Glad you've been busy with life, and I hope your birthday was a good one!