Monday, March 23, 2009

Trip to the Bloomin Inn Ranch Bed and Breakfast...

Let the fun begin...what are friends for but to take pictures, when you don't want them too. We started with the morning finger....LOL...all ready to go...not...hee hee.

Our vans are packed and ready to go...the Roaming Red Barron's are on the loose...LOL!

Why eat when you can laugh and boy we did at Denny's. My cheeks hurt by the time we left. What a happy bunch.

This was our craft area at the Bloomin' Inn.

Lori, working hard....

Leanne starting her morning and taking pictures on her camera. Her work scrapbooking was amazing.

Jackie scrappin' up a storm...

Let me scrap.....

Nancy she was concentrating so hard...but she still made time to make me laugh.

Melissa....what to do next.....

Six pack laughing and scrapping there hearts out.

Peace after only one drink...LOL

Being sneaky about somethin'....

Does anyone know who this is.....? We were so tired and giggle. Lori made us laugh even harder.

My craft area, still pretty neat.

The Turbin's not far from where we stayed. They are for power and the wind makes them work. Might not be the right word "Turbins"

The six of at the end, not ready to go home. But we were tired and happy and enjoyed everyones company very much. An awesome trip for me. Thanks girls for making it great. Oh, and I have so many more pictures too.....


  1. Sorry about the big spaces, I did delete the extra's spaces in where on earth did they come from....oh well sorry bloggers I guess, I need more practice...LOL

  2. The more cards you make the better you will get. HA!HA! Great pictures.

  3. glad you put that first picture on there! was a lot of fun, thanks!!! I'm so glad that you got to come with us..already planning for November! HUGS!!

  4. Oh what an awesome trip, the ladies made me laugh/ the same time. It was a great time. Can't wait for the next one.