Monday, March 23, 2009

Card Night with Robin

Wow! What a great evening. My son Robin asked for use of his coupon (1 hour of crafting with mom alone and the use of the cuttlebug).

Robin did a couple of things to start, but was frustrated because he didn't know what he wanted to do. So we decided to make his birthday invitations. We were well on our way for a great time of creating. The first card on here is is birthday invitations that he made. I helped color the bird, but he rest was all him. I am so proud of him.
The second card on this post is done by me. I did this while Robin was figuring out what he would like to make. This card is made up of all of the paper that I cut up at the retreat and never used. It was fun to make, but I would change a few things next time. I would leave the foe stitching off or only do it around once. Other than that I was happy, that my son inspired me.

Till next time enjoy crafting and being with family and friends. Tell someone you love, how much you care.

Thanks for stopping in.....

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  1. Great cards guys. I really enjoy looking at your cards.