Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Shopping I Will Go!

Good morning! It has been an interesting one with the weather. It is currently -1, but it is starting to snow and the wind is starting to pick up. It rained at 6:00 am. Today, I am going shopping with my mom. It was to be a grand day of shopping in Edmonton, but by the sounds of it the roads are not very good...LOL! Guess I am not meant to spend some money...*wink*. We are hoping to make it to a crafting store in Leduc. It is called Why Box When You Can SCRAP!! There are only two crafting stores there. I was hoping to stop at Micheals and buy some picture frames for some of my pictures (they had frames on for 55% off)...what a steale of a deal. Oh, well...LOL...if we don't get to go at all we can always craft here. Either way I would like to put a card on that I have been thinking about making since Saturday. Sorry, there was no post yesterday, I was in a mood, so my crafting suffered, not today though...LOL!

Today's Quote:

Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do!

John Wooden

This quote suit's me today and I intend to follow it. Have an amazing morning and afternoon. I will be posting a craft tonight. I am going to get started while waiting for my mom. Later....


  1. I hope your shopping went well. Can't wait to see your new crafts. This weekend I will be working on cards. And in case you are wondering...I am FAR from being done the Mona Lisa. I took December off but am back working at it again. We'll see where I'm at by May. LOL

  2. Ok girlie girl....let's see this cute tin you were gonna craft tonight!!! Can't wait, I'm excited!