Saturday, January 31, 2009

Father and Son Time...

Wow, I sure can't believe what time it sure ran away with me again...LOL! Tonight I was lucky enough to have my son Robin and my daughter Kaitlyn come downstairs and help me create. It took me a little longer to get my cards done, but it sure was fun. I put a picture of their creations on here too. They are very proud of them and so am I. Tonight I did a plaque for my friends new baby boy! I wanted to make it so it wasn't to baby'ish that way it could stay up in his room for a while. I tried to use 3 different car and truck stamps for this, but do to the dip in the middle I couldn't get the whole print on, so this one was next in line and worked perfect. The second plaque that I made was out at my friend Lori's house, last year. I loved these, they were awesome idea's. This plaque was embossed (flowers).

Cards...too tonight! Too many idea's in my head, I needed to get at least one on paper. I do think the daubing would have been better with Pacific Breeze or Blue...or darn I guess I am just to tired, anyway better than Bashful blue, but that is all I have right now. I love the butterfly. I figured I should use my cuttle bug on something, and this beautiful stamp came to mind.

Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day. I am crafting with some friends from around 10-5 (or whenever I can drag myself out of bed) and then a night out with some other friends. I hope to post something that I work on tomorrow. It might be a repeat of one of my crafts, with hopefully more completed on it.

Thanks, mom for a wonderful day again. I really enjoy being able to see you this winter. Hugs!

Happy Crafting...may you be inspired tomorrow with tons of laughter.

Quote: Life gives us many reason to laugh.

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  1. The plaques turn out great. I am sure they will be on the wall for years to come. Great cards. I love the color choice, they lookgood to-gether. Keep crafting. Great job Robin & Kaitlyn. I love your cards.