Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sometimes On The Way To A Dream....

Hello! Sorry for the late post.  We had a very nasty, nasty storm that came thru last night and messed with our internet service.  I couldn't upload my pictures to where I needed them. Write my posts or get them to post at the right time.  Silly really but it did make me very, very, very frustrated. Must say, the computer almost went out the window. It was my fault really should not have been so late getting my stuff on.  Oh well, the good news it is on here now, we have beautiful blue skies and the internet is working, very slow but working.

We have a brand new challenge over at 4 Crafty Chicks and our fabulous hostess is our one and only Leanne :) .  She would like us to use Pins for Challenge #206.

My card is below and the pin on this card was made for me sometime ago by Leanne. Her hubby Brian also made me a bow maker! I love it. I have always found bows hard to make and well I know there is some practicing to be done but I made one. Thanks for the both items Leanne and Brian.  The stamp on this image was given to me by my friend Leona. She went to BC and thought that this stamp fit me to a tee. It is beautiful and I adore the sentiment. I also needed to add some texture...who doesn't love texture? right?
We would love it if you popped on over to 4 Crafty Chicks and showed us your pins this week.  I look forward to coming and seeing what you create.

Have an amazing week and thanks for poppin in.


  1. Oh that sucks about the storm last night. Brian heard that south of here was getting it pretty bad too. WE had those clouds and some wind, but that was it. I love your card, the sentiment is very fitting. Pretty with the flowers on it. Your bow is gorgeous, and look at that pretty pin...nicely done friend, you made your card beautiful. Awesomeness!

  2. TAMIE!!! I'm loving this! Love the sentiment with the stamped flowers. and your Design is flawless! knocked it out again my friend! :o)

    {Lil Cutie Creations}

  3. This is just beautiful! Love your bow and pin. That sentiment is beautiful! Looks great with the flower too!
    Glad you are back up and running today.
    Hugs - Tina

  4. Gorgeous card, Tamie! Love the colors, the image and that sentiment is awesome....xoxox

  5. Very pretty card Tamie. Love it. Judy