Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Boys and Their Creative Side!

I wanted to show you some of my creative kids work. Below is some graffitti that my middle son did of his name. He did an amazing one for me and when my camera batteries are charged I will be putting it on here. Robin loves to draw and just learn new things that he finds cool. He did one for his dad and me too and I just loved his creative idea's. His initals are in this one. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next. We are so proud of him.

So what do you get when you punish a kid and take his ipod and the computer away for a few days. Well my oldest son Tristan was given this paint by number a few years ago and all of sudden it was out on the table and he was working like a mad man this weekend. In three days he did this 10x13 paint by number (it is his first one). Tristan did an amazing job, we are so proud of him. Now to find a frame to hang it up in his room.

My camera battery died so I couldn't take a picture of Kaitlyn's shirt that she stamped but it is very cute too (will put it up with Robin's other work). My kids crafted more than I did this holidays...LOL.

Hope you enjoy there work as much as we do, but of course we are biased.

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  1. Wow, what a talented family! Love the graffiti, it's a really beautiful art form.