Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Cabinet Change :)))))))))

What an exciting Christmas we had. It was filled with tons of laughter, love, peace and what is better than relaxation. It was the first time that I haven't had 20-40 people in my house for three days. Enjoying who was here was fantastic!!!! Lots of games were played within the last 5 days.

Now onto the good stuff. My darling hubby Rob, went to alot of trouble this year. He went to IKEA and bought me a storage unit. Can you say gitty with excitement :). He put it together the same day I opened it (my DAD helped too). My job was to make sure I got everything out of my other cabinet. So in the process my mom and I rearranged my craft room/ toy room. I now have a spot for my embossing supplies (heat & dry), all of my punches, brads, pearls, eyelets...well all of my goodies. So thanks ROB, MOM, and DAD for all of your help in my craft room/toy room and in helping to make it a wonderful place to work.

This is the cabinet that I had all of my books, stamps, boxes on top of and all of my paper in.......are you ready for the next shot.....

Here it is....a mass of cube and wol la....organization......I LOVE IT A TON!!! Now to get rid of the toys. Which sounds like it might happen tonight or at least reorganized.
Wishing you all a great day and thanks for stopping in. Please check back. I do have a challenge card that I completed and will be putting it on here.

Til next time share a smile with someone, you just might make their day.


  1. Wowzers!!! Looks fantastic girlie! I love that cabinet from IKEA! I've seen it a lot and wanted to get one myself....enjoy it!!

  2. That is away to orangnized. It looks great. I will have to come and help make a mess, while I play. Just love it.