Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lottie and Gussie Gabalot....

What can I say....these two girls are so cute. Today, was a day of firsts Bella stamps and Spellbinders. I had so much fun...the stamps are super wonderful for people like me who love to color. I was at Lori's and we wanted to do something crafty before I had to go home. So I picked these little beauties. Today, with thanks to Lori, we opened her new in colors for stampin' up. I must say I just LOVE THEM!!! The felts were amazing to, it is a nice added touch to the paper. Lori made a amazing card with Bella stamps too! Check out her blog HERE.
My card started with a picture that I had in my head for a few weeks now, it changed a little bit, because I still don't always cut well...LOL! I used star dust stickles and they are nice although I got one big one on their when it came out in a big clump:) I was not sure how to fix it so I left it. Maybe I should have left them off..oh well, next time.
It took me a little longer to put it on here due to soccer practice and phones calls. I get to have my nephew come and stay with me...what a super summer gift.
Till next time keep smiling and please share a smile with someone, you just never know when they might need it.


  1. Yep, that sure is a cute card girlfriend! Glad we were able to take the time and crack open the In Colors and try em out....:)


  2. I love them too! Thanks so much for sharing all of your pretty cool stamping stuff. Hey, Lori do you think I need to put a different picture on here, I can't seem to make it bigger when I click on it. What do you think?

  3. what a cool card. They are so cute. Love the new colors. way to go.

  4. That is an awesome card...are the girls a stamp then?

  5. Yes, Leslie, the girls rae a stamp. They are Bella's I will show you the site when we get together sometime soon. Lots of coloring which I love.