Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crafting With The Girls!

Today, was another fanastic day. I got to hold my friends little boy, he is just the cutest ( made the plaque for him last night). I went crafting at the church, where there was 10 of us. We were all doing our own thing. Tonight, I went out with another set of three friends, for supper. The resturant was really nice, I had never been there before. I sure was blessed to have a very nice day, with most of it too myself, my family had there supper made by me before I left, so that was my only real parenting job today. I have a terrific husband.

The craft I chose to work on today was my afghan. I am ready to start another cream strip. I won't put it on here until I have more done. It was a wonderful relaxing day, with tons of laughter with friends...the more I laugh the more I wanted to stay and craft. I always look forward to crafting with others, it brings me great joy and peace.

The weather on the other hand I hope improves soon. I just got home and the wind is really bad. May tomorrow will be a little nicer.

Till tomorrow....


  1. Hi there Tamie! Glad to hear you had fun craftin' with the ladies today. I crafted all day too (in between baking and laundry!) I got 10 cards made. Can't wait to see what you create tomorrow - I'll be crafting again too..need to get more stock built up for Thurs/Fri. TTYL!

  2. It sounds like you had fun. I spend my day at home. We didn't go to Westlock. I had one of those headache again. Has to be the change in the weather.

  3. Wow Lori that is just crazy! I am so glad that you made so many cards. Congrat's. I can't wait to see what you make today. I am on my way now. You Go Girl!