Sunday, February 1, 2009


Smiles, peace and quiet was most of my day! I watched one movie (Click) by myself and the other movie with my kids when they came back from sledding (Are we there yet?). Rob and I went to the park to check on the kids, they had been sledding for 4 hours and what a time they had. While they did that Rob and I did our own thing. Mine was crocheting on my blanket....lucky me, I was able to complete 8 more rows. I am now on another batch of chocolate chip brown. After supper I then went down stairs with my oldest son Tristan, who wanted to make cards with me. We each made two. I could only find 1 of his, but his seond one was really nice too. It was nice to share that time together. MY creation was completed from a drawing I made at the start of the first movie. It turned out okay. I really like the colors. They are a little dark, but I think they matched well. My camera was not co-operating all of my pictures were blurry tonight, so this is all I could put on. Let me know what you think. Wishing you all another fanastic day.

I suffered what I chose to eat last night, so I must say that I was a little lazy, from the pain I was in. I always have to be silly and won't bother me this time...guess does...all of the time...LOL. When will I learn? It sure was a fanastic night though.

When you think there is nothing to smile about, remember there is always someone who has it worse than you! It sure doesn't mean we can't have a pity party sometimes.

Till tomorrow...keep smiling!


  1. Nice tree cards Tamie! I love those colors together...great choice!

    Tell Tristan he did a fantastic job on his horse card...he's a pro!!! :)

  2. The colors are great to-gether. Bright and cheerful. They make you smile. Tell Tristan he did a great job Lv Grandma.