Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tin Crazy.....

What can I say...TODAY WAS GREAT!! The weather wasn't great for a while, but mom and I still managed to shop. We went to a couple of craft stores and Walmart.

I found these cool little tins at our first store. They are big enough for gift cards, small cards, even some little candies. You could probably even sent them in the mail, with very little cost. They were perfect and didn't take very long to make. I found the idea's came very easy for me tonight and I was able to use some of my stuff I hadn't touched yet. I also found a little gadget that is called a Rub-On Roller. LOVE IT!! It made it easier. I didn't have to press hard, so no denting my tins. It has two sides that can be used. Tin's are just a wonderful gift idea for any occassion.

I love to use any kind of watch out...LOL!

Tin #1

A Perfect Day Rub-Ons, 1/4" Bravo Burgandy Ribbon (both SU products).
Rub-on Roller.

Tin #2

Green Microbeads, Sticky Cut Letters and 1/4" Black Ribbon (all SU products)

Tin #3
Hidden Garden Rub-ons, Mini glue dots (both SU products).
Cinnamon Stickles, Chocolate Chip Ribbon, Rub-on Roller.
I hope that this post turns out okay. Mastering how to post with the pictures sometimes still gives me some problems.
Well, off to bed before I turn into a pumpkin or just a grouch...*wink*. Good night, till tomorrow...
I will leave you once again with my quote today.
Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do-John Wooden


  1. Cool Tins. They look great. Glad you had fun doing them. Way to go.

  2. Cool beans man! Wow, Tamie, those are SO COOL! I totally *love* the micro beaded one! Nice job girlie!

  3. Thanks ladies. Ya, it took me a little longer to put them on because I had to talk on the phone to a friend...LOL. I found it hard to talk and put rub-ons on...LOL! I need a different phone. I am glad you enjoy them. I hope you use your micro beads soon!