Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Great Day....

Today, was another great day for me. My phone was busy, the little boy I look after was cute as could be. I managed however to check out some fanastic blogs. I want to send a congratulations out to Creating with Chrissy on reaching her 80,000 hits. I only hope that I can be so lucky. Chrissy is giving away blog candy so if you get a chance go check out her blog, she has some amazing cards.

Onward to crafting. When my little man went down for a nap, I had card idea's floating around my head, but thought I should show you another one of my hobbies. Besides if I show you my cross stitch I might get it done...LOL. I have been working on it for a while now, and need some encouragement to get it done. My goal is to have it done for Christmas, that way I can get it framed and on my wall. So... bug me to show you up- dates. This cross stitch is from the Gold Collection Series called the Eyes in the Wild. My favorite animal is a tiger and I have more cross stitches to due. I think any kind of cat is beautiful.

Cross stitch I find is relaxing. I love it but don't always make the time. I always find they are way more beautiful, than the picture on the kit or in the book. I love sitting in my front room, cross stitching with my friends or by myself. I find if I am watching TV, and working with my hands that I don't snack and it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something, while sitting down.

I was talking with my sister-in-law Jodi today and I have decided, I will try to put a quote on my blog each day. I hope it will brighten someones day.

My kids are now in bed, so I must go finish up my house work and start cross stitching again as I watch The Last Templar. I look forward to posting tomorrow. Have an amazing night. Thanks for stopping in! :)


  1. Cool cat Tamie, now you need to make him whole. It looks great.

  2. Wow girlie...that kitty cat is lookin' mighty fine! I'll keep buggin ya for updates, no worries LOL...hugs!