Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stampin with Riley!

Look at this little cutie!!! My friend Leanne came for a visit. A fun filled visit it was. So I took her down to show her my new shelf and how I am now a little more organized. We were discussing stamping techniques and she said well let's try it. She trimmed my Riley up and stamped him....can you say cute!!!!!

My mom and I were watching in utter amazement. Leanne went through my scrap pile of paper and just started pulling out pieces of paper, mixing and matching. The amazing part was in a 1/2 hour she was completed the card...LOL. A great job too! Riley was scared of burning so he put on a little to much sun screen...hee hee. I really love her use of the pearls too. Mom and I hope that someday we can put one together that fast.

Leanne is very talented and can craft anywhere. Thanks for everything and the great card.


  1. You are so funny Tamie, thanks for putting him on your was fun creating this little one...He is pretty white, maybe you should give him a tan....Thanks again, it was a fun day!!

  2. It was great watching Leanne make this card.She makes it look sooo easy. Lv it. Great time.