Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Quickie!!!

Today, was an amazing day! Kaitlyn and I went with to see Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakel with Leanne and Kim (loved it). Tristan, Robin and Calvin went and saw Avatar in 3D, their decided opinions that it was the best movie they have ever seen...LOL! They are 13 and 10 hee hee, old and wise...been to alot of movies (not..LOL). While we waited for them we took a little shopping trip to Micheals, which was awesome, Leanne and I found some little goodies, well so did the girls. So the card below was for Calvin for his birthday. I was to make him this really cool card last night, but I guess the day just tuckered me out and I sat down to read a book and go to bed early. Yep, I should be known as last minute Tamie...LOL, because, I got up this morning and popped this little birthday card out in less than 20 mintues (my fastest card yet...hee hee). Thank goodness, for the SPCC challenge yesterday (So Saffron, Only Orange and Very Vanilla). Instead of Very Vanilla though I used white card stock. Here is the quickie:

Sorry no time for the recipe tonight, I have to run and get laundry done...cuz I guess the kids want clothes to wear to school*wink*!

Wishing you all a wonderful night. Thanks for stopping bye.


  1. This looks great for a quick card, colors are great to-gether. Have fun.

  2. this card looks very nice sittin on my livingroom bookshelf!! Thanks for making Calvin such a great card!!! Ya did super for a quickie!! xoxoo