Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Huge Thank You to Linda!

Hi there! I have been meaning to get this picture on here for a few weeks now. So in November, I watched a video at on how to make a ATG holder. I commented on it, as it was a super cool idea. Linda notified me that my name was picked to recieve one of the 4 she had made.

I was dancing with excitment. My craft table could a space saver and this was it! So THANK YOU SO MUCH LINDA for your inspiration. Here is a picture of it on my table and well I have moved it around so it is right where I can grab it. Your idea for it rocks and this is soooo appreciated, well used and well love by me.

THANK YOU AGAIN for giving me an awesome space saver (you have made my table a very happy table *wink*). Linda makes amazing cards and has so much inspiration. Please check out her blog.

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