Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Ball Fun!!

Good morning everyone! I wanted to share with you two of the amazing pumpkins we got at the Pumpkin Ball this year! Each year with our family and for Rob's work we go to this most amazing fundraiser that helps in aiding adults and children with developmental disabilities. WDACS runs A day program and has several group homes. This fundraiser has been going on for 37 years and is still going strong! Each of these individuals make you smile and it is just so much fun because it is a family event. This year they had 50 pumpkin's for the live auction and 30 pumpkin's for silient auction (these are made by schools and other individuals). Each year we go I am surprised at what kind of pumpkins they come up with and their is never two the the same. I wish you could see the ones from the live auctions some of them are painted (cat upside down in a fish bowl (is painted just like a fish bowl) with a stuffed cat upside down coming out of the top), John Deer Tractors, Phantom of the Opera, oh they are just so fabulous!

This year we came home with 4 pumpkins from the silient auction! Hope you like the work that went into these two as much as I do!! Wish I had a painted picture to share with you!

This is Avatar!

This one has so many details but I couldn't get a real clear picture of it! A few of the hearts came off in the middle. but just another amazing pumpkin.

Hope enjoy these as much as I do! This is by far my favorite fundraiser we go to...and the talent is out of this world! Have a super Tuesday!

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  1. I just love that little dog,hope he is safe out side. cute.