Thursday, September 17, 2015

Celebrate with a Bang!!!

Hello! I have my post ready to go this week and on time...Hee hee. Another crazy week here in the Camp house hold. Just like everyone else. Let Volleyball begin :)  September flying by the month is half over...wait a minute didn't it just start.  

A funny story for you.  I have my very first cell phone, I know it is a terrible shock for everyone who knows me (giggle, giggle, snort).  Well I was driving with my middle son to his school orientation and we used the maps app to get there (Edmonton).  He asked me if I could tell where we should turn.  I said no this stupid thing isn't working, I started it and everything (in fairness I did). There was no voice, like on my husbands or Tristan's phone telling me turn right in 300, 250, 30 meters etc.  Well apparently the part I turned on was only showing us what direction we were travelling in. After a few trials of no I you need to turn there and Robin saying where is there (my brain could not for the life of it think to say move over to the left lane, all I could say was there...hee hee)(brain fart #40). I was pointing but apparently that wasn't enough.  He gets the app working at the stop light and we get to where we are going.  He starts laughing and says. "Mom do you remember when we were younger and we used to say something was over there.  You would get frustrated because you didn't know where over there was, well I just experienced it. Where actually is there?" We laughed so hard. Hopefully this makes sense.  I tend to confuse everyone since the accident, so forgive me if my rambling doesn't make sense.

It is my turn to host 4 Crafty Chicks this week and for Challenge #264 please break out the circles. I love circles! You can use, buttons, dies, punches and oh don't forget those embossing folders.  It was a blast to color this image and to use these colors.

Please come and join us this week. We would love to have you. Looking for more inspiration my fellow chicks have done an outstanding job.

May plenty of smiles come your way!
Thanks for sharing this card with me today.


  1. Oh my dear friend....hopefully things get better and easier for you. Your card is wonderful, and love the colors and the buttons are awesome. Wonderful!

  2. I agree with Leanne...hopefully things settle down for you soon and you can experience some "calming" and serenity in your life friend....I loved coloring these images with you at Leanne's - we need to do it again!! Gorgeous card xoxoxo

  3. This is just fantastic!!! Love the colors and your buttons just give it that WOW factor!!! Hugs!

  4. This is just fantastic!!! Love the colors and your buttons just give it that WOW factor!!! Hugs!