Friday, February 17, 2012

Quick and Easy Plaque

Hi, everyone! Today, is my day to do a type of tutorial for the SP Stamps Blog . I want to show you a quick and simple gift idea, that is perfect for the SP and Company Stamps. The stamps I used are from the Awareness is Empowering set that was released last year. A truly wonderful stamp set for inspiration.

I started off with a plaque that was bought from a craft store cost was $3.00. Then came out my black StazOn Ink and of course my wonderful stamp set. The first thing I stamped was the ribbon in the center of the plaque. Next I went to the words on the each leaf of the flower. When stamping on plaques with StazOn ink it works better when you don't have an image that is too solid, outlined images work best. If you make a mistake and it doesn't stamp fully on the plaque or it is smudged then you can use the StazOn all purpose cleaner to take it off and do it again. Make sure you let the stazon dry so that you are able to color with a permanent marker so it doesn't smudge or bleed. Use the StazOn all purpose cleaner and paper towel when you wash your stamps and then clean them normally with your wash pad. This took me about 15 minutes. You can make Christmas ornaments using the same technique and different colors of StazOn ink.

Here is what it looks like:

Here are the 4 items I used for this project:

Hope this has given you another way to use SP and Company stamps and given you an idea of a simple and inexpensive gift you can share with someone.

Have an amazing Saturday :)


  1. What a beautiful idea, and can really make someones day.
    Just wanted to pop in and thank you for your visit and checking out my project.

  2. thank you so much Dawn for you lovely comments. Hugs right back at ya :) Happy Crafting :)

  3. Cute, I like that words...very nicely done!